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How to add blobs in Canva

Why use blobs?

Blobs are simple, seemingly random, and organic looking shapes. These simple shapes can add a surprising amount of variety and flair to a design. They are often used as a secondary element to support a primary part of the design. Using blobs is a super easy way to elevate your design from what could be a blank and boring canvas, to something more interesting and visually appealing to your viewers.

How to add blobs in Canva

There are many ways you can add blobs within Canva. There are some preset static image blobs you can get from the media library, however these all look the same and don't change. If you are looking for a simple way to add randomly generated blobs, CanBlob is the way to go.

To use CanBlob to generate blobs for your design, follow these steps

1. Activate the CanBlob app from the Canva marketplace using the link above

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2. The CanBlob app will appear in your side panel, click "Open"

3. You will now be able to see a preview of the blob you are about to add to your design, as well as some customisations which will allow you to select colour as well as complexity of the blob. Play around with these until you are happy with the result and click "Add to Design"

4. You now have a custom blob in your design, rinse and repeat for as many blobs/designs you need!

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