How to Add a Squircle to my Canva Design



What is a squircle

What is a Squircle?

A squircle is a term that simply means the "intermediate between a square and a circle". This isn't to be confused with a square that has "rounded edges", which generally looks more like a square rather than a circle. A Squircle tends to round more naturally on the edges, than the rounding we see with rounded rectangles.

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Why use a Squircle?

A Squircle is a great tool to use when designing for many reasons. Really the main one is that it doesn't look boring! Often squares with rounded edges can look pretty stock standard and not aesthetically pleasing. This isn't just an opinion, it is what one of the largest companies in the world Apple, uses for its rounded edges, rather than the standard rounded rectangle.

How can I create Squircles?

Creating a Squircle is not always offered natively by design tools. This is because the maths to properly round the corners isn't super standard and sometimes not worth the effort. This is where the CanSquircle app comes in though! Now it is possible to generate squircles directly in the Canva editor with ease. Using these can add that extra little pop to your designs without much extra effort.

In order to get started adding a Squircle to your design, all you have to do is:

1. Find the CanSquircle app in the Canva App Marketplace using the link above.

2. Click "Use in new Design" and "Open" once the app loads in the side panel

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3. Once you have the following screen, simply customise your Squircle and click add to design and that's it!

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You can easily customise your squircle to look more or less boxy using the corner radius and smoothing sliders accordingly. You can also drag and drop any images/graphics you have onto the squircle if you would prefer that to a shape!

Play around with it and let us know any feedback you have, we would love to know about it and improve CanSquircle over time.